Fundy North has a history of collaborating across sectors on projects. We work through government programs, with government organizations, in partnership with other industries and academic institutions.

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New 3 Year Project Mapping Currents in BoF

In order to be successful in the Bay of Fundy, inshore commercial fishermen must have a vast and detailed knowledge of surface currents. These currents determine how they set fishing gear and when they have access to haul their gear. The development of this knowledge base is intergenerational; passed down from grandfather to father to son. Although there has been oceanographic study of Bay of Fundy currents, the science base is limited and does not contain the level of detail and richness that the fishermen’s knowledge affords.



Ghost Gear Retrieval

In 2008, the Fundy North Fishermen’s Association began a project to identify and retrieve ‘ghost gear” (gear lost at sea) from the Bay of Fundy. Since 2008, we have headed a ghost gear retrieval program to target the retrieval of derelict 'ghost' traps that, once lost at sea, continue to fish, pose navigational hazards, pollute the environment, and cause entanglement risks to marine mammals, such as whales. Our fishermen have gone from identifying the need for mitigating ghost gear and developing grapnel equipment to the successful completion of a retrieval project. 


Mid Atlantic Fishing

Catfish as Bait

The overpopulation of Brown Bullheads (catfish) in our river systems, has made fishing increasingly difficult, and frustrating, for those in the traditional fisheries (eel, shad, gaspereau).  When the fishing gear is pulled, it is, more often than not, filled with these catfish instead of the eels, shad, or gaspereau they are actually fishing for. The overabundance of catfish has reached the point of causing financial hardship to our river fishermen and poses a threat to the continuance of the traditional fisheries. Since 2014, Fundy North has been trying to find a solution to the catfish problem.