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Committee composition by harbour:
1. Alma- Chris Anderson
2. St. Martins- Neil Withers
3. Black River- Nathan Crawford
4. Mispec- David Thompson
5. Saint John- Todd Nice
6. Lorneville/ 5 Fathom- Jeff Maguire
7. Dipper Harbour- Bradley Small, Craig McGowan
8. Boynes Cove- Paul Lomax
9. Seeleys Cove- Aaron Carter
10. Beaver Harbour- Darren Johnson
11. Back Bay- Larry
12. Blacks Harbour- Graham Cook
13. St. Andrews- Peter Holt
14. Deer Island- Aaron Sokolis-Bradford, Dale Mitchell
15. Campobello Island- Harvey Matthews, John Brown

*All committees are comprised of volunteer fishermen. If you are interested in learning more about how our committees operate, or to get involved, please 

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