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Fundy North represents members across every port in our district for our LFA 36 lobster fishery, mid-bay scallop fishery, fixed gear groundfishery, river fisheries for gaspereau, shad and eel, Saint John Harbour shad and gaspereau gillnet fisheries, and herring weir and shut off fisheries.


In July 2018, FNFA was approved by the Province of New Brunswick as the representative body of licence holders for Region 4 under Section 4 of the New Brunswick Inshore Fisheries Act. This means that LFA 36 lobster licence holders who fish from a port within LFA 36 and have a boat that is 50 feet or less in length are required to pay Fundy North mandatory dues. These dues support the work the Association does on behalf of all licence holders in our region.


Since 2015 we also manage the Fundy Weir Fishermen’s Association Inc. We support Fundy Weir in their mission to protect herring and shut off fisheries in the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia with responsible management for cultural and economical enhancement and ecological sustainability for current and future generations. 


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