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A Bit of Background

Fundy North Fishermen’s Association represents small-scale commercial fishermen from St. Martins to St. Stephen including the communities of Deer Island and Campobello Island.  We also represent river fishermen who work the Saint John and Magaguadavic River Systems.

Our members fish for lobsters, scallops, groundfish, herring, shrimp, shad, gaspereau and eels.  The multispecies nature of our fishing livelihoods allows our fishermen to work within a dynamic marine ecosystem; harvesting the species that are abundant and giving a rest to species that are scarce.

Our fishery is a family affair. It is common for all the crew on a boat to be related; grandparents, parents, children, cousins, and spouses working together.

For over 25 years, Fundy North has had a strong community ethic and has worked tirelessly to preserve the fishing livelihood for the next generations.

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