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Fishing has the potential to be a dangerous job. Being a family industry, we are unsurprisingly very passionate about this issue because we want our loved ones to be safe out on the water.  We strive to minimize our risk on the water, which is why having convenient and timely training available to our members is crucial to our mandate. 



FNFA represents over 150 small-scale commercial fishermen. There's power in numbers. By getting together and working strategically as a unified group we can accomplish more than we ever could by working alone. We may not always agree, but when we come to the table and discuss the issues affecting our district, we can ensure the decisions made are based on transparent, open discussion.



Whales are of vital importance to the sustainability of our communities and marine ecosystem. Our fishermen take particular care and interest when it comes to mitigating their impact on whales. They see whales out on the water and often if can be a moving experience for them, so for over a decade we have worked closely with experts to develop best practices for our industry.



FNFA has been working steadily to remove debris from our marine environment for nearly a decade. We are dedicated to the cause of removing and preventing marine debris and our fishermen have been instrumental in this work. We have dedicated members who take this issue to heart; these people have volunteered their time, donated equipment, and lent their expertise to tackle this issue. 

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