If you would like to sign up for our local seafood initiative and receive the freshest seafood straight from our fishing boats, call the FNFA office at (506) 529 4165 or email us at fundynorth@nb.aibn.com and ask about “Project Seafood”. For a $10 annual membership fee you’ll have access to monthly seafood sales with Saturday pick-ups in Saint Andrews and Fredericton.  Fresh seafood options may include: lobster, scallops, shad, halibut, clams, periwinkles and more.  Members receive emails announcing sale dates, pricing and ordering information.

Have a look at our new online profiles of the fishermen who catch what we sell! We hope this enables our customers to build a closer connection with our members as you learn about who they are and what they do to bring it to your table. More photos coming soon!!

We are also very pleased to be working with Real Food Connections, an innovative business based in Fredericton, specializing in local food.  Real Food Connections is serving our members in the Fredericton area.  They offer pick-up at their store on the Hanwell Road or home delivery (additional fees apply).  Contact them for details.

Why Join?

There are many reasons to join Project Seafood.  By supporting this project, you are supporting traditional fishing practices and the local fishermen behind them, along with their families and communities.  You are also getting fresh, pure seafood that is not farmed, frozen, or shipped long distances to find its way to your table.  Project Seafood helps you become more connected to your food source so that you can know just where your food is coming from, who is supplying it, and what steps were taken to get it to you.  You would be hard pressed to find a grocery store that gives you an opportunity like that! If you still aren’t convinced, take a look at this website to read about the advantages of buying local:


Also, please have a look below at our “buy local” listing. These locally owned businesses sell our catch when in season.




Misty Harbour Seafood

Andy Thompson

(506) 635 1300


Products: Clams, Scallops, Lobster, Halibut, Periwinkles


R + M Fish Shack

Faith Mitchell

Back Bay, NB


Products: Lobster, Scallops, Dulse


Stewart’s Esso & Fundy Mini Mart

Pennfield, NB

(506) 755 2992

Products: Dulse, Lobster, Clams


Black’s Harbour Fresh Mart

John Craig

Black’s Harbour, NB

(506) 456 2319

Products: Factory Outlet for Connor’s Brothers Sardine Cannery




Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar Inc.


(506) 642 1816

Products: Sturgeon Roe and Fillets


Coastal Enterprises Ltd. (affiliated with Misty Harbour)

Shirley Chartier and Richard Thompson

(506) 659 2781


Products: Live Lobster


Point Queen Fisheries, Ltd.

Sam Park

(506) 755 8114

Letete, NB

Products: Clams, Scallops, Periwinkles


Fundy Bay Seafood, Ltd.

Daryn and Jeff Janes

Lepreau, NB

(506) 659 2890


Products: Clams, Lobster, Scallops, Periwinkles




Europa Inn and Restaurant

48 King St.

St. Andrews, NB

(506) 529-3818



Chef Markus Ritter

Many local and organic items


Ossie’s Fried Clams

Bethel, NB

Chef Roseanne Waite

(506) 755 2758

Local clams, lobster, take-out


Rossmount Inn

Chamcook, NB

Chef Chris Aerni


Fresh local cuisine, fine dining


The Clam Digger

Chamcook, NB

Chef Andrew Jacobs

(506) 529 8084

Local clams, take-out


Savour In the Garden/Kingsbrae Garden Café

St. Andrews, NB

Chef Alex Haun


Fresh local cuisine/local ingredients


SJAH – Saint John Ale House

Saint John, NB

Chef Jesse Vergen



Comeau’s Seafood Restaurant

Pennfield, NB

(506) 755-3011

Local clams, lobster


Bay Breeze Restaurant

Pocologan, NB

(506) 755 3850

Local clams, lobster

Call the Fundy North office to sign up: (506) 529-4165