Fishing Seasons: Fundy North Fishermen work year round

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Our local inshore fishery is made up of small-scale family businesses, working year round pursuing a variety of species with lots of different fishing gear.  This diversity allows fishermen to switch species as natural abundances and markets shift.

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January – March  Scallop and Shrimp fisheries
April – May Gaspereau and Shad fisheries (Saint John River and Saint John Harbour)
April – July Lobster fishery
April – October Herring Weir fishery
July – September Groundfishery- Halibut, haddock, flounder
August – September Scallop fishery
September – October Eel fishery
2nd Tues in November – January 15 Lobster fishery


There are other local fisheries that are pursued throughout the year: Clams, periwinkles, dulse, and the mid-bay scallop fishery.[/column]

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