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What a Catch!

What a Catch! is a monthly newspaper column on local seafood written by Fundy North’s executive director, Maria Recchia, and published in the St. Croix Courier.

The Shad Have Arrived, Spring is Here

May 16, 2012

What A Catch! By Maria Recchia Early spring fills me with anticipation.  The scarlet buds of the red maple trees and the bronzy white flowers of the shadbush tell me it is time to start planting the garden, picking fiddleheads and fishing for shad.   Shad are the largest migratory members of the herring family.  Each  Continue Reading »

Shrimp- a Bay of Fundy bounty

April 1, 2012

What A Catch! (published in the St. Croix Courier March 9, 2012) Maria Recchia What a pleasant surprise when our local fishermen came home with shrimp 3 years ago.  No one had fished shrimp around here since the late 1960’s.  Then 3 years ago, a shrimp boat from Nova Scotia showed up and went home  Continue Reading »

Local Scallops a tasty treat

A Good Catch (published in the Saint Croix Courier January 31, 2012) Maria Recchia I have wanted to write a column about the Canadian fishery ever since Dick Wilber retired from “The Fisheries File” several years ago.  There won’t be any politics or gossip in this column though; only fishing, marketing, buying, storing, cooking and  Continue Reading »

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