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Lost at Sea: A Ghost Gear Retrieval Manual

March 30, 2016

“Lost at Sea: A Ghost Gear Retrieval Manual” chronicles the history of our Ghost Gear retrieval project, from identifying the need and developing the gear, to the successful completion of the retrieval project in the Saint John Harbour and Head Harbour Passage.  This manual also provides valuable instructions/advice for fishermen looking to retrieve Ghost Gear  Continue Reading »

Fish for the Hungry Campaign

April 1, 2012

Fundy North is helping the global fight against hunger in association with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and CBC Saint John’s Harbour Lights Campaign. Canadian Foodgrains Bank connects people who produce food in Canada with people who need food in other parts of the work. Their work started with farmers in Western Canada and is expanding  Continue Reading »

Aquaculture Impacts on Traditional Fisheries

Fundy North collaborated with researchers from the University of New Brunswick and Dalhousie University to document fishermen’s observations of the impacts of the salmon aquaculture industry on traditional fishing livelihoods.  This was the first study of its kind.  The results were published by the Coastal CURA in a full report and were recently published as  Continue Reading »

A Film About Fishing in Saint John Harbour

Film:  “Sharing the Waters: Saint John , New Brunswick” (2007) This film tells the compelling story of a Canadian port city where a lucrative inshore fishery is struggling with the challenges posed by a recent onslaught of large scale-industrial marine development.  Saint John has been an industrialized port for many years with the fishery co-existing  Continue Reading »

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