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Fishermen Profiles


March 26, 2014

Bradley Small has been fishing here since he was a kid. Occasionally his dad would take him out of school so he could learn to steer the boat when he was barely tall enough to reach the wheel! These days he earns the bulk of his income from the scallop fishery, and he is well  Continue Reading »


Tim Wilcox started out fishing with his father-in-law, Bubb Hatt. He’s worked in the aquaculture industry before that, too. When the time came, Tim decided to purchase the license and boat from Bubb, eventually upgrading his boat to the one he has now. This enabled him the option to fish farther up the bay in  Continue Reading »


Mark Mawhinney is one of two in FNFA’s membership that fishes what’s known as a “full bay” scallop license. This license allows him to fish in the whole Bay of Fundy. Sometimes the wider range can earn a good day’s pay for he and his crew, sometimes not. As with all fisheries, it’s a gamble.  Continue Reading »


March 17, 2014

Dwayne Cook is a 5th generation fisherman, and he’s one of FNFA’s youngest members. Having grown up in the Saint George area, he worked with his dad back when he was a kid. This helped Dwayne learn how to handline for groundfish; this was not so long ago, when Cod and Pollock were both still  Continue Reading »


Reid Brown has been fishing his whole life so far; he’s also the seventh generation in his family to do so in Deer Island. He’s an experienced groundfisherman, having spent his younger years aboard his family’s fish dragger out on the banks and down the Gulf of Maine. He’s seen a few things to be  Continue Reading »

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